Our Farmers

Family Run Farms | Fra' Mani100% vegetarian diet

We source all of our meat from small family-run farms throughout the Midwest. The animals we purchase are never given antibiotics and are fed 100% vegetarian diets and no animal by-products.

We never use pork from industrial confinement operations or animals to which growth promoting agents or medications are administered.

Our farmers raise hogs for taste and from traditional breeds that have sufficient body fat to thrive outdoors. Pigs are, by nature, social animals. Our pigs are raised on farms where they can roam, graze, wallow and root together as they were born to do. Hogs are raised directly on pasture or in deeply bedded barns or hoop structures with access to the outdoors.

Highest Quality Pork

Fra’ Mani is committed to choosing farmers who practice sustainable farming techniques where animals and land are managed as a healthy ecosystem. Hog wastes, rather than a polluting menace, are considered a valuable element of crop fertilization and soil tilth.

Below we provide links to our sources. We encourage you to visit their websites and read about their individual philosophies and farming techniques.